Crafty DIY: How to make a nice pencil holder from Pringles cans !

6 Feb

Ever thought of how to transfer this…

into this?

It’s pretty easy, here is what you need:

~ A pair of sissors

~ Liquid glue

~ Nice ribbon of your choice

~ Nice fabric or decorative paper


1) Wash the empty Pringles can with soap and water and leave to dry

2) Once dried, cut the Pringles can to the height you like.

3) Wrap the fabric/paper around the can to get an idea of the width, mark fabric/paper with a pen.

4) Measure the the height and cut the fabric or decorative paper to length (height + width), but don’t forget to add an extra 1 to 2cm in case you made an mistakes in gluing it down.

5) Add glue to the Pringles can and wait until it’s tacky enough to stick (1 minute or so).

6) Stick on the fabric/paper gently and firmly

5) Cut the excess fabric/paper from the edges.

6) If the edges turn out messy, no prob, you can hide them by sticking on a long ribbon, long enough to create a bow with the extra length.


Voila, you got yourself a nice pencil holder :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

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