Originals: Hand of Fatima necklace ~ An epitmoe of spiritual design ~ by Karboojeh

19 Aug

Hand of Fatima Necklace - The center peice is handmade and designed by Karboojeh

I’m totally, head-over-heels, in love with the Hand of Fatima motif. I finally decided to integrate it into my handmade jewelry designs. What this shape (the shape of a hand, with an eye in its palm) stands for makes it even more beautiful. It is the hand of Fatima. But who is this blessed, protective, and loving Fatima?

Fatima is the daughter of Prophet Mohammad in Islam. She was well-known for her great generosity. She was like an ever-flowing spring of generosity, kindness and love. That’s why God designated a full verse (aka “Aiya“) in Quran to praise her qualities.

Arabs and olden Muslims used to be very metaphoric when they used language. They always used beautiful language to describe things, and it was regarded as impolite to describe something in row language. Metaphoric imagery was mostly the key to speaking respectfully with each other. An open hand stood for generosity. A generous, giving person was like an open hand, with a beautiful palm inviting you towards his/her kindness and love. That is one meaning behind the beautiful shape of the hand of Fatima, which has now become a fashion staple for many jewelry and decor designers.

The other meaning of the hand, which many believe in, is that the Hand of Fatima stands for the five pillars of Islam, represented in the five fingers.

The eye shape on the pit of the palm is believed to protect against the evil-eye, and in Turkey in particular, evil-eye jewelry is a main motif that adorns almost every design.

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