In Love with the Colour Green

8 Oct

Green, and the different shades of this beautiful colour, are my newest love.

Green is the symbol of rejuvenation, vitality, and freshness. It’s the colour of nature, happiness, healing, new beginnings, goodness, generosity, and good tidings. I think it is the original colour of love, romance, beauty. Most beautiful scenery is beautiful because it enjoys an abundance of greenery.

Green is the colour of plenty, prosperity, wealth (in the physical sense and the spiritual one). And of course, it is the colour of herbs that we so love, and many vegetables, and leaves. And it is said to repel envious energy emanating from jealous people, although blue seems to be the official colour.

Green invites cheerfulness, lifts one’s morale, defeats depression, and changes one’s mood. That’s why people with depression or anxiety are advised to keep in close proximity to nature, so that eventually the colour green with all it’s hidden attributes will heal their souls, minds, and beings.

Green is the colour of inspiration, creativity, and artistic ability. Throughout history, artists, writers, painters, and millions of creative people found their muses while being in the arms of nature.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Pinterest, celebrating the colour Green.

Green & Gold…
Artichoke Green…

Source: via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Botanical plate…

Source: via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Garden accessories…
Grass-like carpet…
Vintage Green…
Source: via Karboojeh on Pinterest
Botanical-print pillow…
Green bottles…

Take care :)

2 Responses to “In Love with the Colour Green”

  1. Riality Studios October 10, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    Green is an awesome colour. But it’s strange; so many people dislike it. It’s one of the least popular answers to the question, “What’s your favourite colour?”

    • Karboojeh Handmade October 10, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

      You know what, Ria? After I wrote this post, I actually thought about the same thing! Why is green not so popular, whereas it has an abundance of properties that should make it a hit!?
      I think it’s because people look for colours that represent their current state of mind. I was never much of a green-loving kind of person, until I started painting, and this made me understand the colour and it’s soothing vibe…

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