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Crafty DIY: How to paint a romantic basket

30 Jun

How to update an old basket with a romantic motif | By Karboojeh Handmade

I finally came around to update this basket! I’ve had this basket for years: I love the shape and the wicker, but the oil stains always bothered me so much, even if they hid under a doily or a cloth.

So, I decided to update my cute little basket/tray, and my inspiration came from a mixture of “shabby chic,” French romantic,” “vintage romantic,” and floral prints by Laura Ashley & Cath Kidston.

How to update an old basket with a romantic motif | By Karboojeh Handmade

The tools I needed were:

  • Wicker tray/basket
  • Acrylic paints in pastels and cool hues
  • White glue (or varnish) to seal the work. You can of course use Mod Podge to seal the work
  • Brushes
  • Water to clean the brushes in between colors

So, what I did was basically the following:

  • I wiped the basket clean with a wet cloth
  • Applied a coat or more of white acrylic paint, and I deliberately made an imperfect job,  hoping to achieve a “shabby chic” effect
  • Painted little rosettes with pink and white acrylic paints, and I used a vintage green for the leaves
  • Once the paint was dry, I sealed the work surface with white wood glue.

And that’s it, basically.

How to update an old basket with a romantic motif | By Karboojeh Handmade

I’m planning to post a tutorial soon on how to paint those lovely rosettes. It’s a mind-blowing-ly simple technique, you’ll feel like a master of arts when you get the hang of it.

Ok, folks, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Cheers


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Crafty DIY: Perfect gift for mom ~ baking soda deodorizer in a jar

22 Aug

What are moms obsessed with?

Cleanliness, I guess.

In one of my blog journey’s I spotted a DIY by one blogger who turned a mason jar into a baking soda plus essential oil air freshener (I didn’t bookmark it, cause I didn’t think I will actually make one ~ sorry!).

Wait! I found it!

I got the original idea from a super lovely blog called “The complete guide to imperfect homemaking” (thank you, thank you, thank you).

The DIY stayed with me until it was time to visit mom in my original home country, so I quickly decorated an empty jar with burlap, twine, cut-outs, and Syrian cotton (aka, Sayeh) – using white glue & glue gun to attach the different parts.

My mom flipped. She loved it. When she saw this jar, she was like, “Wow, you made this?” (heheheh). The smell of the jar’s contents was also a nice surprise.

How to make a homemade deodorizer

I’m not into quantities, so here is a rough estimation of what went into the jar:

  • fill 3/4 of the jar with baking soda
  • add 7-9 drops of good-quality essential oil. I used Musk from an Italian brand. Musk has a subtle way of deodorizing, you smell it, enjoy its effect, but it’s not over-powering like other stronger scents. I’d also go for Rose, Orange Blossom, and of course, Lavender.
  • use a wooden stick or, in my case, a clean Popsicle stick to mash the essential oil into the baking soda.
  • shake it up, and you’re ready to go

Sprinkle this in any room and you will have instant freshness oozing from every corner.

You can sprinkle some in your cat’s litter box, in smelly shoes (hehehe), on the carpet, inside closets. The beautiful scent will make you feel you are in a spa resort, giving you an instant transformation of mood and ambiance.

I took this picture while the white glue was still wet. Like Mod Podge, white glue dries clear…

Jar design

To dramatize the jar, I used one of my handmade crochet baskets, I simply belted it around the jar, and placed a wooden Popsicle stick inside the mini-basket to inspire mom to make her own deodorizer once the jar contents were scattered all over the house.

Try it! You will never want to buy ready-made deodorizers after you’ve tried this one.

It’s super easy, and, well, very economic, too; you won’t need more than a few pinches of scented baking soda to transform a whole room into a piece of heaven-smelling shelter.

Ciao belle (tutorials & DIY)


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Fashion DIY: Freehand fashion sketches ~ An experience with Photoshop

21 Aug

I wanted to become a fashion designer (among many other things) at one point in my life. I made a few sketches many years ago, and to keep them I scanned them and kept them on my computer for a very long time. A few days ago, I found a sketch I had made of a model; a freehand sketch (the one up above). I thought it was alright, but I wanted to turn it into an exciting blog-worthy sketch, so I resorted to my old-time friend, The Adobe Photoshop.

I added a few mild filters (like ‘Sharpen’), color, a few freehand strokes, I cut and paste, used the ‘brush, ‘ the ‘eraser;’ and viola!

I’m still experimenting, but I think I might go back to making more sketches. The last time I held a pencil was, well, many years ago.

Thanks for watching,


Originals: Coming soon ~ Karboojeh summer 2011 jewelry collection

18 Jul

Karboojeh is happy to announce…

Our handmade summer collection for 2011 is on its way soon inshAllah... stay tuned.

Original designs by Karboojeh will be announced soon for all jewelry lovers to have a look  – and a purchase :)

Handmade in Damascus, the new designs are colorful, bright, and very vibrant for an upbeat summer. From earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, to unique wall and window decor, Karboojeh’s new collection will be released in the very near future inshAllah. Wishing you all a happy and blessed Holy Month of Shaaban,

God bless…

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