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Most Craved for Craft Product of the Year: The Martha Stewart Craft Paint line

25 Feb

For a DIY person, nothing comes close to learning about Martha Stewart’s semi-new Craft Paint line – that she launched mid last year. I learned about it via Tatertots & Jello, a cool blog with lots of ideas.

If you live in a village, an island, or in certain parts of the Levant, then you must know the feeling of not being able to get your hands on products that can really make your life all that much easier, as an artisan.

Martha Stewart Craft Paint line (Via Tatertots & Jello)

I spend a lot of time looking in nooks and crannies, super stores, and small shops for alternatives for all of the cool products “out there.” I have always craved products “out of reach,” like Modge Podge. But this one happens to be “THE” one product that the Levant needs to start importing! (Hello merchants, are you hearing me?)

I would like to  – very gladly – announce the Martha Stewart Craft Paint line as my Most Craved for Craft Product of the Year. I can easily state that this versatile, multi-surface, paint line is the dream of every crafter (at least this one here). It breaks my heart that they don’t sell it over here.

Inspiration Board: DIY Shelves using Baskets & Crates

29 Jan

I just stumbled upon this beautiful photo by IKEA‘s DIY blog. Baskets turned into shelves; what a great idea! So, I thought I might share more DIY shelving ideas using old worn-out crates and such.

Here is a nice arrangement of crates from my Pinterest collection. I love the bohemian way these shelves fall together.


This one (below) is a basic crate shelving unit. With a bit of DIY skill, this can be pulled off easily.


A simple shelving system in the kitchen can be made using wooden planks from left-over pallets and crates. I did read, however, that pallets are not quite advisable for indoor use, seeing the amount of chemicals used in treating them to withstand humidity and all kinds of harsh shipping conditions.


And here’s another idea I just spotted on Sugar & Cloth. Office clamps are used here to secure the boxes together; brilliant idea!




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Crafty DIY: Valentine’s Day Heart Magnets

6 Jan

Valentine’s Day is a month or so away. Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are well behind us, it seems craft bloggers are busy coming up with creative ideas for making heart-shaped gifts, all handmade and wrapped within a layer of love. Karboojeh Handmade Jewelry‘s heart magnets fit perfectly within the occasion.

I made these hearts early last year (2011) as part of a gift combo dedicated for little girls. I started my crafting “career” with accessories for young ladies, and evolved from there into a more grown up target audience.


Linen scraps (beige and red), denim scraps, twine, baby flower clips, fabric & felt scraps for the stuffing, handmade foam stamps (and ink or felt-point sharpies), white cotton thread, and different colors of ordinary floss for sewing. And, of course, two needles, a soft a big.

When I took part in my – “technically”  – 1st craft show that the Italians put together late 2011, I decided to turn these heart softies into fridge magnets. So, I bought a magnetic roll (which you can cut into pieces using plain scissors), and adhered them to the back of the heart softies using really hot glue gun (or else they won’t adhere).

And this is the final product… cute little magnetic hearts.

I love how each is crooked and un-uniformed :)

Wishing you all a life-time of love and possibilities,


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Finishing Touches: Last minute X-mas tips for inexperienced hostesses

24 Dec

I love Christmas. And I love Jesus Christ. His spirit forever presides over the month of December each and every year. You want to enjoy the Eve with your loved ones but you are stressing over the decor, the food, the display, your outfit. Well, your only option in this case is to add those last minute finishing touches that will both releive you out of your worries & satisfy your need for accomplishing your heart’s desires. But how do you know what finishing touches to go for and what not to?

I’m not an experienced hostess. Alas! I never gave any attention to the notion of hosting until I got married. All my life I labeled myself as a busy artist who didn’t have time for things like hosting (which needs a lot of skill and know-how). So my tips today come from a qualified anxiety-driven hostess who manages to pull it off at last minute and be satisfied with the results. Thank God!

For the new hostesses: Follow your Heart

Let’s start with the inner part of the equation. The way you feel is very important. If you are hosting the Christmas Eve dinner, you need to be in tune with your inner “heart” to be able to make last minute decisions. Usually when we are panicking, we have more clarity than we are stressing over something for months. Panic requires instant action, while stress has the luxury of time and it goes on for extended periods of time where we also have the luxury of changing our mind a thousand times.

Make use of panic. Panic is short-termed, it comes at the last minute and you don’t have time to change your mind a lot, you need to make quick effective decisions that really work for you.

And here is what I learned.

In such situations, simply follow your heart (which some people terms as “inner gut”). That’s where the truth of the matter resides. If you don’t like that salad, don’t serve it. If you don’t like the way that over-the-top wreath is welcoming your guests at the entrance? Remove it. Keep it plain. If you don’t like the way the dip and veggies are arranged , rearrange them, use a fancier, or plainer, platter.

What you will experience when you follow your-true-heart’s calling  is a great sense of relieve. But what you will also discover later on is that you have applied all the necessary finishing touches that have all worked in your favor, whether it is by wearing the right pair of earrings, sporting the best outfit (that would leave you feeling comfortable to move as well nice-looking), and the right kind of display, decor, and entertainment for your family or guests.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and a Happy new year,


Inspiration Board: Chalkboard trends & DIY

21 Dec

Today, I’m going to share with you some of my most favorite chalkboard DIY projects. I am a huge fan of chalkboard, and I love seeing it on mugs, tags, and vases.

Here are my latest loves…


Chalkboard Mug DIY

Want to enjoy your morning coffee with some play time? The website in the photo-caption below, takes you to the easy-to-follow tutorial for adding a chalkboard touch to your porcelain mug.

I must add that I am a real fan of Pebeo, and I was really pleased to see that now they have chalkboard paint, too, used in the tute.

Source: witandwhistle.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Blackboard Coasters DIY

Turn tiles into chalkboard coasters in a heartbeat…

This is a fun project for outdoor coasters.

Source: westermanfam.blogspot.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Tutorial: Rope-framed chalkboard

I really enjoyed reading this tutorial by Messy Mimi.

Love the cute way the rope is hugging the chalkboard she made.

Vintage frame into cool chalkboard tray

A vintage tray, a vintage frame…

and a welcoming chalkboard breakfast tray. Lovely!

Maximum inspiration: ‘Once Upon a Tea Time’

20 Nov

Once Upon a Tea Time

A few blogs have really tripled my blogging-experience lately, providing me with a lot of inspiration, and filling my days with a great sense of enjoyment.

In this post, I will start with my latest find on the blogosphere: Once Upon a Tea Time.

Once Upon a Tea Time's office(In the pic above: This is where the blogger behind Once Upon a Tea Time writes her posts. Pic via)

The lady behind this blog (as I have understood) is of Indian roots. I believe her exposure to many cultures (having lived in different spots on the map), as well as her cultivated personal taste (and talent), are reason why her blog is truly one-of-a-kind.

Marie Claire Maison Italia(Pic above via Once Upon a Tea Time/’ouatt’, via Marie Claire Maison Italia)

Her appreciation – and connection – with the infinitely-rich Indian heritage can also be  another reason why her blog stands out both aesthetically, as well as in terms of penmanship.

West Elm Jute Rug on OUATT(This West Elm Jute Rug is via ‘ouatt’ – via West Elm)

Once Upon a Tea Time is a pleasant experience, and a great resource for beautiful homes, brands, and visual stories. In there, there is a story and an album full of really inspiring pictures, which makes it the best blog I’ve ever been to since I started my beautiful-things surfing journey.

Elle Interior Sweden (Pic via ‘ouatt’ via Elle Interior Sweden via Style Files)

My ‘beautiful-things journey’ started almost a year ago after I had decided to end  a 14-year career in media and communication. I started experimenting with jewelry instead. And, I’ve never been happier. On the blogosphere, I was part of another realm, a realm of analytical, serious, stressful news. Today I swim in a new current, in a new part of my life, surroundings, as well as the blogosphere – where beauty reigns supreme, and I am grateful for that.

Rachana Saurabh art(via ‘ouatt’ via artist Rachana Saurabh blog)

I am grateful for getting a second chance at life, where I can look for, discover, experience, and enjoy new things, and build a new aesthetic and life-concept around me based on the appreciation of beauty, inside-out.





P.S. This is a repost from my other blog karboojeh.tumblr.com


Decor DIY: Memory glass slide coasters

22 Oct

Karboojeh Handmade Coasters

I am an advocate of homemade decor & accessories. The other day I was pondering the use of lab glass slides that my cousin left behind. I tried memory-glass-sort-of jewelry with them, but it wasn’t my thing. I made coasters with them, instead.

I put 2 & 2 together and made use of a gold Pebeo glass paint, felt, E6000 Glue, and a few glass slides. The result? Handmade personalized coasters.

Just grab a sheet of felt, 3 lab slides and Pebeo Vitrail paint (which is to be used for decorative reasons only). Paint geometric shapes on the 3 slides, each with a different pattern. When they’re dry use small dabs of E6000 glue to adhere the face (which is the side you painted on) to felt. This way you’ll get a smooth coaster surface. Try to dab the small dots of glue on spots with gold paint so the glue won’t show and give you a bad finishing.let the glue dry, then cut the felt to size. You can add ribbons and more embellishment if you like.

This is it for tonight. Take care…

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Inspiration Board: Lace Tape to decorate your life

20 Oct

Lace Tape - via oboiler.com

I just got back from a web journey over at decor8, specifically at a post celebrating Lace Tape. decor8 asked: “I’m curious… any ideas for using this tape in creative ways OUTSIDE of the intended purpose?”. Here is what I came up with:

  • Decoration: I think this kind of tape can be used to decorate plain note/sketch books, which then can be given away as gifts.
  • Stenciling: it’s also a cool way to stencil a boring pen, by wrapping a thin piece of tape around it, and you got yourself a stylish pen that makes you want to jot down ideas.
  • Deco: Let’s say you have a big boring mirror with no frame, no nothing; I think the lace tape can give it an oomph for a frame, and if you don’t like it use your hair dryer to peel it off.
  • Jewelry-making: I can see myself using this tape in my jewelry in small dozes, maybe behind a memory glass pendant.
  • DIY: and of course, a torn out old book that has all the good recipes can use a nice binding with this sticky lace.
  • Jewelry display and packaging: And, for handmade jewelry crafters, like moi, this tape is a heaven-sent tool for nicer jewelry display and packaging. You can just stick a piece on a cardboard, pierce it twice, insert your handmade earrings, and you got yourself a nicely packaged jewelry item for sale. And, you’re using DIY, cheap, and creative ways to brand your stuff.

And here is a testimony of the last idea I listed… see how a simple tape can transform the look of a plain tag?

turquoise green masking tape - feltandwireshop.com

turquoise green masking tape - feltandwireshop.com

The lace can give tags and jewelry packaging a Victorian feel, especially if you’re using vintage pieces in your designs, like I do. The sky is the limit!

Burst Decorative Packing Tape - via tapeswell.com

Burst Decorative Packing Tape - via tapeswell.com

Look at this fun pattern… this can look great behind a pair of earrings, as part of a handmade packaging combo. I think one can play around with the Lace (& sisters) Tape, and it’s only for $7 a roll! In my part of the world, we don’t even hear of such things, so I would be grateful if someone out there would send me a Lace Tape as a token of friendship :)

Inspiration Board: Pom Pom fashion preview

15 Sep

Pom Pom Scarf(via curvissa.co.uk)

I’m cultivating a new interest, and love, for pom poms. They were once reserved for children (at least that’s what I thought), but now they are invading adult fashion, and even decor.

The scarf (above) is a pom pom scarf, although I would consider it a ‘tasseled’ one, since these are not round-shaped like ‘normal’ pom poms are. Let me linger a bit around this scarf. The tribal-inspired print is so beautiful, isn’t it, and the colors are so well together. Very nice, in deed.

(via Sugar Mill)

Back to pom poms.

Here (above) are some more-like-it pom pom scarves from a ‘Sugar Mill by India Hicks’ collection. Absolutely lovely!

(via Graham & Green)

Pouffes, and even curtains, have been seen around decor blogs & sites while parading a nice touch of ‘pom pom’ love. The ones above (Graham & Green) are eclectic, and to an extent bohemian. I love the pom pom piping that comes with each and every one of them. These are what I call pom poms, round-shaped, cute, and light-bulb like!

(via Bright Bazar: Because Beige is boring via Graham & Green)

Cushions with pom pom piping are also making it big on the chic decor scene. Look at these beautiful eclectic & nomadic cushions by Graham and Green – Autumn/Winter Collection 2011.

(via Flickr)

Finding descent pictures of pom pom curtains is next to impossible, but I was finally able to find this one over at Flickr. The pom pom detailing is both playful and fun and it can turn a ‘serious’ curtain into a fashionable piece of decor.

Personal accessorizing has not been left without a touch of pom pom. These two lovely variations from Akong London are so fun looking. They are so beautiful and creative. There’s a fleeting nomadic charm about them.

 (DIY Pom Pom Necklace via Honestly WTF)

And of course, we are always grateful to all those Fashion DIY bloggers who make it possible for us to create a similar pom-pomy look at a fraction the price. Here, Honestly WTF works it’s charm around a few ingredients to whip up a beautiful, colorful and eclectic, pom pom necklace that (almost ) any one can make.

Pom Poms have also been seen on brand bags such as Stella McCartney’s Pom Pom Satin Bag (above). Some one should coin a term like ‘Pom Pom Chic’ for this one, I guess!

Alexander McQueen, on the other hand, presented a pom pom bag within its original nomadic, bohemian atmospheres a few years ago. If I were to choose a pom pom look for my bag, I would go for the one below by McQueen.

(via purseblog)

And if you were wondering (like I was) about how you can transfer your pom pom affection onto your own wardrobe, PS. I made This offers an easy tutorial on turning one of your old bags into a cool & current pom pom accessory. I’d like to quote the blog with some insightful fashion info about the new pom pom fad:

“Peruse your closet and prepare to POM! Currently, we’re seeing the fluffy pom pom detail all around us.  Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney have made a seasonal statement with touches of pom poms on bags, whereas Sonia Rykiel took to the Pom as inspiration for the hair shown at her FW10 show.  We can’t get enough of this puffy and whimsical wonder.”

And finally before I go grab myself a glue gun and a handful of pom poms, here are other brands and blogs carrying the pom pom look:

(via Living with Punks)

(via Anthro)

(via Living with Punks)

Oh, one more thing… if you are looking for a nice tutorial to make your own pom pom flower, go to Domestifluff.

(via Domestifluff)


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