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Handmade Packaging: DIY Laundry Instruction Tags for Hand-painted Textile Products

20 Oct

I have a little project to share with you, it basically brings together two of the things I love: Illustration and packaging. If you are making hand-painted fabric totes, scarves, tablecloths, etc, using fabric paints, then I hope you will like this idea.

A while back  I started painting on fabric, using permanent fabric paints and colors. If you have experience with fabric paint, then you must know that to fix the colors you mostly need to iron your finished product on”cotton setting” to make the artwork permanent. But there are products that only need to be air-dried for at least 72 hours before going to the washing machine on a gentle-cycle, and on a certain, usually low, temperature.

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As I mixed brands and worked with more than one “instructions booklet,” I felt the need to merge the instructions from the different fabric-paint brands in a way to make all the products I worked with laundry-friendly. I decided to choose the instructions that recommended the lowest heat-setting, the lowest washing-machine temperature, and I decided maybe it was best if I recommended all pieces be ironed on reverse, since that was the safest method for some fabric-paint labels, and no tumble dry.

This is the basic illustration I came up with for most of my products. There are items though, that required to be washed by hand. This meant the washing-machine illustration had to go, and another symbol was sketched instead. I did play with this photo (above) a bit and added the colors with Photoshop, but one can achieve a clean colorful illustration by applying acrylic paint with a thin brush.

This is the colorless illustration. I basically used cards that are about the size of a regular business card. The paper has a lot of grain and the color is off-white and very nice to work with.

Here’s a label using old markers. I embellished the tag’s borders a bit, but I decided later on that this wasn’t necessary. You can punch a hole at the side of the tag, insert a nice thread or twine, and use a pin or tape to attach it to the product itself, or to the packaging.

An envelope can also be used if you wanna further spruce up your packaging.


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Handmade Artist: Abigail Brown

28 Jun

These, my friends, are made from fabric!

The cute little birds are by textile artist Abigail Brown. So beautiful, and inspiring to see this kind of rendition of the inhabitants of the seven skies above us.

The work itself is so delicate, accurate  – yet  not too accurate to loose its own charm!.

To shop the birds, you can go here.

What a lovely dose of inspiration to start the day with!



Decor How-To 101: Stenciling Secrets

30 May

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Stenciling is a great way to spruce up anything from a wall to a bag. I have tried a few stenciling projects, some worked and others looked dodgy on the edges (because of too much pain applied on the brush). I just found some tips that will help avoid a stencil project going “hmmmm, not what I expected, really!”

Let me start with the tips I just found on BHG

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

BHG’s Stencil Secrets

“Use a foam pouncer or a specialty stencil brush.” They usually look round with a flat tip and dense bristles. “Standard painter’s brushes work well for touching up edges at the end of the process.”

The important thing in stenciling is: “Don’t overload your brush or foam pouncer with too much paint. Lightly dab the pouncer onto the surface of the paint. Blot off any excess paint on a paper towel or newspaper. The brush or pouncer should be nearly dry. A dry brush or pouncer prevents paint from seeping under the stencil, which leaves behind messy edges.”

“Circular logic. Apply paint using a pouncing motion – gentle up-and-down dabbing – within the lines of the stencil. Work in a circular motion, beginning in the center. Clean sweep. If your project or pattern requires repeat use of the stencil, wipe excess paint off between applications.”

Stencil This: Roman Shade Tutorial

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

There are so many stenciling projects to try out there. The kitchen is one area of the home that can accommodate a few stencil finishing touches. To create the Eat roman shade stencil in the pic (above), you can basically “Print letters one per page in your favorite font. For the silverware, check the Internet or clip art books for an image and enlarge it on a photocopier. Put the patterns under the shade and trace in pencil, then outline with black fabric marker and shade as needed. Hang shade and tack the trim to the window.”

Wondering about how you should center the letters? “For a perfectly centered and spaced word, start with the center letter, then add the next one to the right, then to the left, and so on.”

Stencil projects from around the net

Crafty DIY: Stylish handmade fabric doll from scraps

9 Sep

August 12 was a special day for me. That morning I made a doll from fabric scraps I had lying around. I named her Karboojeh The Doll. She is stylish, cute, and above all a realization of an old dream – i.e to be able to make my own fabric doll one day.

I didn’t use a template to make Karboojeh The Doll. I free-handed her figure using a small tailor’s soap, drawing lines on the wrong side of the fabric. As I started stitching her front-side to her back, I made necessary adjustments to the not-so-accurate arm and leg lengths. So… whatever didn’t go right in the freehand phase was corrected in the stitching phase. Of course, I stitched wrong sides together then flipped the fabric over to attach the head, but let’s not go there, I totally improvised on that front!

I used acrylic paint for her face, threads of silk for her hair, and a traditional Syrian fabric called “Sayeh” for her body. Her facial ‘skin’  is made of faux linen ~ or so the salesman at the fabric shop said. Stuffing is re-used from the insides of an old duvet ~ so a bit of recycling went in there.


Wondering about her stylish outfit? Here is what Karboojeh The Doll is wearing:

Dress: Old Moroccan sleeve. Bought mother shirt from a local Casablanca traditional clothes boutique many years ago. Sleeveless shirt is now used as vest by me. Linen.

Belt: Formerly known as my brown Egyptian bag’s strap. Bag is now somewhere in the world; I gave it away. Leather.

Bag: Crochet basket made by me. Twine.


Dress: Old Kookai sheer shirt.

Belt: Fabric scrap I found lying around. Tied from the back.


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