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Finishing Touches: Last minute X-mas tips for inexperienced hostesses

24 Dec

I love Christmas. And I love Jesus Christ. His spirit forever presides over the month of December each and every year. You want to enjoy the Eve with your loved ones but you are stressing over the decor, the food, the display, your outfit. Well, your only option in this case is to add those last minute finishing touches that will both releive you out of your worries & satisfy your need for accomplishing your heart’s desires. But how do you know what finishing touches to go for and what not to?

I’m not an experienced hostess. Alas! I never gave any attention to the notion of hosting until I got married. All my life I labeled myself as a busy artist who didn’t have time for things like hosting (which needs a lot of skill and know-how). So my tips today come from a qualified anxiety-driven hostess who manages to pull it off at last minute and be satisfied with the results. Thank God!

For the new hostesses: Follow your Heart

Let’s start with the inner part of the equation. The way you feel is very important. If you are hosting the Christmas Eve dinner, you need to be in tune with your inner “heart” to be able to make last minute decisions. Usually when we are panicking, we have more clarity than we are stressing over something for months. Panic requires instant action, while stress has the luxury of time and it goes on for extended periods of time where we also have the luxury of changing our mind a thousand times.

Make use of panic. Panic is short-termed, it comes at the last minute and you don’t have time to change your mind a lot, you need to make quick effective decisions that really work for you.

And here is what I learned.

In such situations, simply follow your heart (which some people terms as “inner gut”). That’s where the truth of the matter resides. If you don’t like that salad, don’t serve it. If you don’t like the way that over-the-top wreath is welcoming your guests at the entrance? Remove it. Keep it plain. If you don’t like the way the dip and veggies are arranged , rearrange them, use a fancier, or plainer, platter.

What you will experience when you follow your-true-heart’s calling  is a great sense of relieve. But what you will also discover later on is that you have applied all the necessary finishing touches that have all worked in your favor, whether it is by wearing the right pair of earrings, sporting the best outfit (that would leave you feeling comfortable to move as well nice-looking), and the right kind of display, decor, and entertainment for your family or guests.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and a Happy new year,


Inspiration Board: Stop buying everything… DIY something

28 Oct
Karboojeh’s philosophy revolves around the idea that we don’t need to buy everything, with a little patience, we can create some of the things we’d like to buy. The beauty of making your own “gift” is that the outcome will be unique, with your own style and imagination gently poured into it.

It is true there are things you can’t make, like staplers, scissors, and pliers (which are perfect tools for making something), but there are plenty of other things you can make yourself, and all you need to do is buy a few cheap materials to make a one-of-a-kind art piece, pencil holder, necklace, or even decorative mirror.


Here is a crafts & fashion DIY mix, hand-picked as today’s inspiration board:


– Made by Girl: I love this blog. She doesn’t blog DIYs as such but her art & aesthetic are so inspiring. I love her wall paintings, and she takes the best photos; such as these two (from her Cocoa and Hearts online gallery)…


– Tip Junkie: This blog can give you a HUGE doze of DIY. From home decor, befores and afters, to home accessorizing, this blog is a huge database for ideas & projects.


Fashion DIY 101: This relatively-new blog belongs to my WordPress Pal, Jenna, she has original & great ideas on how to make cute, personalized fashion items. And she is one of the sweetest bloggers ever.


– Glitter ‘N Glue: I mean, oh my God, how did I not know about this blog before! I got to know about Glitter & Glue today, and I got instantly blown away. A seasoned, creative, blogger, with lots of ideas, videos, and DIY events with known brands & magazines, like Vogue Teen, and Seventeen.


If I were to list all the cool blogs I like, I think we will be counting them in the hundreds. I shall try to post more blogs in the coming future, inshAllah.

Fashion DIY: Chain meets pearls ~ Tale of a handmade charm bracelet

11 Sep

This is an original handmade charmed bracelet by Karboojeh Jewelry. I made it for someone who wants to wear a full-of-memories bracelet, since it carries little cute butterflies, a bear, leaves, coins, pearls, and different shaped & colored beads.

To make one, you need:

~ Round-nose pliers

~ Metal findings

~ Glass, ceramic, metallic beads, &  faux pearls

~ Eye-pin findings (to attach the charms)

~ Chain

~ Clasp

~ Jump ring (optional)

General Tips:

  • Start by deciding on the color combination of the bracelet. I chose white and blue, with occasional silver to sit neatly on a bronze-black chain.
  • Try to add similar bead shapes from different materials. In this case I used a silver-metallic butterfly, and a blue glass one, to speak to each other, so to speak.
  • Add things that mean something to you. If you like them, odds are someone else will do too. We’re all human, and sometimes our tastes cross paths, more often than we think.

(Tutorials & DIY)

K Tips: ♥ Tips for starting a crafting hobby

6 Feb
You start creating a birthday card for your friend but it gets all messy, or you start making a new bead necklace but you stop half way through?

Here are some tips to take into consideration next time you start a small, or big, scale project:

~ Don’t do things in haste; for instance when you glue paper or fabric to another surfice, do it with a lot of concentration and care, and you’ll get results that you will like.

~ Crafting is a personality-changing experience. You learn patience a crafted-object at a time, which means, you may loose interest, or get impatient at the beginning, but if you stick to the project and continue your efforts, your temper will change, and you will start acquiring new skills, until the day comes and you are considered to be skilled, or skillful :-)

~ Plan ahead but also leave some space for spontaneity. You really need to have at least a general idea of what you want to make, if it involves some cut-and-paste, decide on the general outline before you actually start cutting and pasting. For sewing projects, you need specific dimensions and a lot of precision, the same goes for other different types of more elaborate crafts, skill-wise.

~ It’s OK to make something ugly the first time you start crafting. It’s also OK to have a “crafter’s block” when you are half way through. It’s OK to get results you don’t like, and it’s OK to feel annoyed with it. BUT all of this is only part of your crafting journey. GREAT SATISFACTION AWAITS YOU once your skills become more honed and your “vision” for what you want to make is clear.

~ Sleep on it. You don’t have to finish the project you are working on in one go. In fact, it’s often very useful to put it away for a day or two ~ and to come back to it with a fresh eye. This will give you a better perspective on where to go next, what to fix, what to leave as is, and to really evaluate your piece.

… And the most important tip is…

:: Love what you do :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

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