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Decor How-To 101: Stenciling Secrets

30 May

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

Stenciling is a great way to spruce up anything from a wall to a bag. I have tried a few stenciling projects, some worked and others looked dodgy on the edges (because of too much pain applied on the brush). I just found some tips that will help avoid a stencil project going “hmmmm, not what I expected, really!”

Let me start with the tips I just found on BHG

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

BHG’s Stencil Secrets

“Use a foam pouncer or a specialty stencil brush.” They usually look round with a flat tip and dense bristles. “Standard painter’s brushes work well for touching up edges at the end of the process.”

The important thing in stenciling is: “Don’t overload your brush or foam pouncer with too much paint. Lightly dab the pouncer onto the surface of the paint. Blot off any excess paint on a paper towel or newspaper. The brush or pouncer should be nearly dry. A dry brush or pouncer prevents paint from seeping under the stencil, which leaves behind messy edges.”

“Circular logic. Apply paint using a pouncing motion – gentle up-and-down dabbing – within the lines of the stencil. Work in a circular motion, beginning in the center. Clean sweep. If your project or pattern requires repeat use of the stencil, wipe excess paint off between applications.”

Stencil This: Roman Shade Tutorial

Source: bhg.com via Karboojeh on Pinterest

There are so many stenciling projects to try out there. The kitchen is one area of the home that can accommodate a few stencil finishing touches. To create the Eat roman shade stencil in the pic (above), you can basically “Print letters one per page in your favorite font. For the silverware, check the Internet or clip art books for an image and enlarge it on a photocopier. Put the patterns under the shade and trace in pencil, then outline with black fabric marker and shade as needed. Hang shade and tack the trim to the window.”

Wondering about how you should center the letters? “For a perfectly centered and spaced word, start with the center letter, then add the next one to the right, then to the left, and so on.”

Stencil projects from around the net

Fashion DIY: Basic design ~ ‘Bird of Paradise’ fabric illustration

24 Aug

I am in love with Birds of Paradise ~ not the real ones, but the imaginative ones that come from 1001 Nights, and olden Arabian stories about the phoenix and some legendary birds that have golden feathers, pearl-studded beaks, and lots and lots of diamonds in their nests.

Birds like that make travelers like Sinbad risk their lives just to take a glimpse of their glorious sights ~ and maybe pluck a feather or two as a token of love for the princess in-waiting to win her heart.

I found a website announcing a fabric design contest. I loved the idea and immediately started making a design on Photoshop (the bird in the picture above is my first draft).

This is my Bird of Paradise.

Here he is with other birds waiting to be turned into a piece of fabric.

I’m not going to enter the contest, though, cause I didn’t like some of the terms. I used to write MOUs for two agencies I used to work for, and the funny thing is, lawyers never edited them. So I kinda trust my judgement when it comes to loopholes in an agreement that could be used to one’s disadvantage anytime you wanna pull out of the game.

Anyhow, pray to God I find a local fabric factory that will accept my bird and make him into a table cloth, or a cool scarf :)

For now, I’m thinking of printing him out and turning him into an instant piece of wall decor.



Originals: Karboojeh summer sample preview ~ Crafts and Jewelry

9 Aug

This summer, the first under Karboojeh’s sky, is full of new ideas. Handmade Jewelry and home accessories make the headlines. Here are some samples of what I’ve been working on lately…

Beaded Home Accessories

I’m in love with butterflies. They are “happy” creatures. I like to think of them as messengers of happiness and cuteness from up above. I tied the knot between two loves of mine: butterflies and beads. All my life I wanted to make beaded things, so I started a “beaded butterflies series.”  This one is the first one I made (it has a clear nylon string tied to its ears to help you hang it wherever you desire).

Beaded butterflies to hang in your room, kitchen or doorway, are my latest obsession.

Crochet Necklaces

I finally learned how to make crochet flowers. The one above has a silk thread hanging loose from two beautiful twine and silk flowers. These are the latest fad in “vintage” fashion.

Beaded Necklaces

I’m having great fun mixing different kinds of beads to create a single work of jewelry art.

This piece has more than one kind of bead, to name a few: Indian beads (or so the salesman said), faux pearls, ceramic beads, Indian metallic findings, bone beads, and coral. And yes, the center piece is made of a stunning coral bead from Italy.

Ok, this is it for now, I wish you a blessed summer,ya’ll :)


Crafty DIY: Karboojeh’s mirror, mirror on the wall…

20 May

I’m experimenting with making mirrors… they are about 15×12 cm, or close enough.

Here are three decorated mirrors I have started making, which are fun and easy to make at home.

The one above still needs more work, but I like the skeleton, so I’m keeping it this way until further notice.

Now, this is a fave of mine… I used a Syrian glass bead, homemade beads I made from air-dry clay (DAS), ribbon, fabric, wooden bead, golden chain, golden ring, metal ornament, thick golden-twisted Syrian thread. felt (for back), hot-glue gun (be xtra careful with this), acrylic paint, stay-on glitter liquid, thread (for threading the beads), and of course, a mirror.

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